Setup Instructions for Wobble Garden

An installation of Wobble Garden consists of two parts: The spring controller and a PC processing the input and generating the output that is shown on the LED rings. Connection between the two is currently made using a USB cable, but that might change to a network connection in later prototypes.

For a table setup, the controller can just be placed on a surface and doesn't need special attachment (except perhaps for theft prevention). The computer can be kept out of sight, as it won't be controlled by the user, and doesn't show any relevant output (except for debugging and development).

Interaction with Wobble Garden is done by flinging or wobbling the springs. A signal is sent to the PC and a game-dependent reaction shown.

Augmented Reality

I have a set of diffraction glasses that, when worn, show a rainbow pattern around each light source. This can lead to quite a dazzling effect when used in combination with the bright effects of Wobble Garden.

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