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 +====== Line Wobbler Installation (old version) ======
 +Here's a basic guide on how to set up the game.
 +This is for older versions of the game. If your game comes in an acrylic box, [[:​projects:​wobbler:​setup|go here instead]].
 +===== Hardware & Software Requirements =====
 +  * The game requires a single mains outlet.
 +  * A table or similar structure that the wobble controller can be fixed onto.
 +  * A wall or surface where the 5m long LED strip can be mounted on.
 +  * No external software/​hardware is required
 +  * The game runs well in lit rooms, but works best in darker environments
 +  * The game isn't water-proof,​ but the LED strip itself is water resistant.
 +{{ :​projects:​wobbler:​wobbler-setup.jpg?​direct&​600 |}}
 +===== Setup Instructions =====
 +  * The wobble controller needs to be fixed to a surface - I'm usually using double-sided tape or clamps. The controller is directional,​ I'd suggest setting up the game and switching it on to see where '​forward'​ is before fixing the controller to a surface.
 +  * Make sure to put no tension on the wires that run into the spring - they should be able to retract and come out of the base freely. When the spring is bent, they need to be able to move in a bit.
 +  * The LED strip has two connections. Depending on the specific copy of Line Wobbler, there might be relatively thin wires, make sure not to break them!
 +  * The power supply should be set up to 110v already if you're based in the USA.
 +  * Make sure to connect the wobble controller and the two LED strip connectors before switching on power.
 +  * When the power is switched on, the wobble controller will calibrate, make sure it's upright and still for a second or two. If the green dot starts creeping in a direction, just switch it off and on again.
 +  * The included speaker is fairly simple, feel free to connect a better one, there'​s a 3.5mm jack on the board.
 +  * There'​s a small touch button on the board, it's currently set up to reset the game to the first level. It will also reset after a short period of inactivity.
 +===== Gameplay Recap =====
 +Line Wobbler has 10 levels that increase in difficulty and can be completed in 10-20 minutes, culminating at a boss fight. In the game, the player is represented by a green dot that has to reach the other end of the strip where a colorful portal marks the exit. The player is moved by bending the spring in the corresponding direction. There are several obstacles: ​
 +  * Red enemies that can be defeated by '​wobbling'​ the controller: bending it in a direction and letting go, thus flinging the controller so it starts swaying back and forth. ​
 +  * Orange lava fields that are either off, in a warning sizzle, or on. They are deadly when on, so the player needs to time his movement across.
 +  * White pulsed conveyor belts that push the player in one direction or the other.
 +  * The final boss is purple and spawns normal enemies. He has three lives, and defeating the boss wins the game.
 +When the player dies the current level is reloaded.

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